And The New IFBA Super Featherweight Champion

          After a 14-month layoff, Jennifer “The Razor” Barber, 10-1 (4 KO’s), shook off the ring rust by capturing the IFBA Super Featherweight world title at Namseoul University in Seoul, South Korea. In a 10 round main event, Barber faced a valiant champion in Ji-Hye Woo 11-2 (1 KO), who had five successful title defenses over a three year span. Barber’s extensive amateur and pro pedigree proved too much for the former champ. Jennifer came out blazing in the first round by establishing a blistering pace with precision punching. “I knew I had to come out fast because I wanted to win this fight so bad. My coach came up with the game plan of pushing the pace behind my jab. We really worked on that in training. He put me through some tough workouts in training to get me prepared for this fight.” Barber’s dominance in the fight started to show in round 4, as Woo’s main focus was slipping and throwing a looping right hand. “She was awkward. She just kept ducking to the right. I caught her with some good hooks, but I wasn’t able to catch her like I wanted to. So, I just put my combinations together to do whatever I had to, to win this fight.” Barber’s combinations started to wear on the face of Woo as both eyes were swollen, as well as a bloodied nose. The South Korean native seemed to be out on her feet numerous times, but showed the heart of champion by not going down.


“The girl was tough, but there was no way Jenny was going to lose tonight. This was her best all around performance. I was so proud of her,” stated an emotional Stan Ward. “She has been training nine years for this moment. I knew early on that she would be a champion. She has everything you look for in a champion.” Barber’s perseverance would be tested as she received a nasty gash over her right eye on an intentional head butt in round 8. The doctor looked at the cut numerous times, but Barber insisted that she was fine and to let her continue. The cut just seem to energize Barber as she fought with desperation of fight being called. “You never know when you fight in another fighter’s hometown. I knew I had to dominate to win and that’s what I did.” Barber’s ends Woo five year undefeated streak which include title defenses against Jeanine Garside and Rhonda Luna. Marks of 97-94, 97-94, and 99-94 established Barber’s victory and the first time that a current pupil of Coach Stan Ward has successfully won a world title.

Barber is currently ranked #1 in world for the super featherweight division by boxrec.

 IFBA Super Featherweight Title

          Top rated Jennifer "The Razor" Barber 9-1(4 KO's) looks to close out a slow 2010 in grand fashion as she takes on IFBA super featherweight champion Ji-Hye Woo 11-1(1 KO) of Seoul, South Korea on December 11 in South Korea. This 10 round super featherweight title fight is Barber second chance at a world title. "I know my career is coming to a close because I want to start a family, so I plan on giving it everything I have. I know I can win, but I need to do everything possible to leave it out the judges hands. I don't want to experience what happened in France." Barber was referring to her razor thin split decesion lost to hometown girl Mariam Chomaz in her last title fight. The fight will be broadcasted live on SBS ESPN in South Korea. 

The Razor cuts Lisa Raye

                                       Laila Ali (L), "The Razor" (M), LisaRaye (R)

Tune in to, "The LisaRaye Show", on Thursday, May 13, 2010, where you can see,  "The Razor", cut LisaRaye's lip. Channel: TvOne at 9:00 pm est.

The Bronx Bomber Talks to "The Razor"

Say No To Drugs


          On December 13, 2009, I participated in my first 10k run: Say No To Drugs Holiday Classic. This event took place at Universal Studios Hollywood back lot in Universal City, CA. With a record number of runners, 2,600, I was able to accomplish my goal of placing in the top 25 in the women’s division and top 100 overall. I was the 17th woman to cross the finish line and 73rd overall out of 716 10k runners. Knowing that my participation in this race today will assist a teenager through drug education and prevention programs is an awesome feeling. I’m glad that I could be a part of this race to show my support in saying NO TO DRUGS!

The Razor Continues Dominance After Long Layoff


          After a year layoff, NABF Featherweight champion, Jennifer “The Razor” Barber 9-1 (4 KO’s), got back into ring on Thursday October 29, when she faced veteran Gloria Ramirez 10-15-7 (1 KO) of nearby Santa, CA. The fight took place as the main event of Roy Englebrecht’s Battle in The Ballroom series. The sellout crowd of over 1,300 was treated with an action packed 6-rounder with the NABF 2009 Fighter of The Year winning a unanimous decision 59-55, 59-54 and 60-54. In the early rounds, Barber was able to establish her jab on the 32 fight veteran, which had her out of sync all night. Barber was able unleash her flashy combinations as she stalked the shorter Ramirez.

          “I felt a little rusty, I mean I was able to hit her with some big shots, but couldn’t finish her off. Give credit to her, she’s a tough little cookie,” stated Barber. Many ringside observers that this was Barber most impressive performance to date. Coach Stan Ward exclaimed, “I am proud of Jenny, she has been training for months and came out and executed the game plan. I think this fight was tougher than her last fight, so for her to dominate like she did says a lot about her.” The second half of the fight saw the superior boxing skills of Barber. Ramirez had a few moments, “She caught me with a sneaky little hook once. It was funny because I was able to see, it but just couldn’t get out the way. ..I will be back in the gym to fix that.” During her layoff Barber was able to stay busy by taking some mini-vacations and getting married. “I am ready to go; I just want to pursue my goal of winning a world title. I would also love a rematch with Myriam Chomaz to finish off what I started in France.”

                                   Team Barber: Randy (L), Dax (B), Jennifer (F) & Coach Stan (R)
In support of breast cancer awareness month Team Barber wore pink shirts and pink ribbons were sold at Jennifer’s merchandise table which raised $59.00 for breast cancer research!

The Razor's Next Fight

          NABF Fighter of The Year, Jennifer “The Razor” Barber, 8-1(4 KO’s), looks to get back into ring when she takes on Gloria Ramirez 10-15-7 (1 KO) of Sunland Park, New Mexico, on Thursday, October 29th. Barber is seeking her first fight since her controversial lost in her bid for a world title. “It’s good to get back in the ring and finally fight. It has been hard not fighting for almost a year.” During this time Barber has been training hard at Gio's Brooklyn Boxing Gym in Burbank, CA under the watchful of her trainer Coach Stan Ward. She also has been encouraged with the direction of women’s boxing, “I think since women’s boxing will be in the Olympics, I am looking for the sport to grow tremendously.” Jennifer is ready to take on a game Ramirez who fought Rhonda Luna to a majority decision draw last month. “I know she is a tough fighter, she has fought some of the best, but I will be ready; I have been waiting to get back in the ring for awhile now.” This six round bout will take place at the Irvine Marriott presented by Roy Englebrecht’s, “Battle in the Ballroom.” For tickets call (818) 430-1890.

The Razor's First 8K Run

          On September 13, 2009, I ran in the 11th annual Ovarian Cancer Walk/Run for Hope & Awareness at CBS studios. Along for the run was Dax (Husband) and Linnae (Sister). My goal was to finish in the top ten in the female category but my competitive nature kicked in, and during the race I counted how many women runners were in front me...4. I knew that I couldn't catch the first two, but I could definitely catch the next two. So on the 4 mile mark I passed them up and never looked back, LOL! I was able to earn 3rd place and felt incredibly happy to run for such a great cause. did this 8k run for Dax's grandmother who has her ovarian cancer in remission!

Next up: Say No to Drugs Race Holiday Classic on December 13,2009.


NABF Fighter of The Year 

          Jennifer “The Razor” Barber recently was awarded the NABF Female Fighter of the Year for 2008. She’s the current NABF Featherweight Champion. She recently conducted an interview on her website on winning this award.

Congratulations on being named the 2008 NABF Female Fighter of the Year. What was going through your head when you were informed that you won this award?

I was in shock, because the Fighter of the year is a prestigious award. I was just gracious for being honored. I mean out of all the ladies they chose me. So winning the award has been very rewarding for me and my team. It just shows me that hard work pays off.

What does winning the NABF Fighter of the Year mean to you and your career?

It means that I am closer to reaching my goal of becoming a World Champion. It has definitely up the ante for me as far as training and preparing myself in the gym. My expectations are high.

You last fight was November in France for the WBC Super Featherweight Championship, talk about that experience.

It was a great experience, I mean I got to travel the world and see Paris. Not to mention, do what I love, even though it was a controversial decision I have no regrets. I mean I did all I could to win the fight except knock the girl out. But it has definitely motivated me to not let anymore fights go to the judges’ scorecards.

You have a very impressive record at 8-1 (4 KO’s), but it hasn’t been as easy as you made it look. Could you talk about the difficulty and mental aspect of having consistently fought your fights in other fighters’ hometown?

Fighting in someone else’s hometown hasn’t been difficult at all. My coach Stan Ward has prepared me mentally for these challenges in the gym. We work on a lot of mental training to prepare us for the underdog role. Even though I usually come in with the better record and resume. They still try to sway things for the hometown girl but, I’m glad to be put in these tough situations, because it makes me a better fighter.

So what have you been doing since your last fight?

I have been in the gym training. For the last 7 months we have been working on improving my skills. It’s been hard because all the potential fights have dropped for one reason or another. Either the promoter pulls out or the proposed opponents don’t want to fight. It’s tough because I love to get in the ring and fight. This is by far the most difficult time. During the down time I just have been trying to be consistent with my training.

So what is next for the “The Razor?”

Just continue to train. Actually I am headed to the U.S. Virgin Island for my wedding. So I will try to enjoy my vacation, but I will still be working out because I never know when I’ll fight. So I just try to stay ready. I look forward to winning a World Title within the next year. So be on the lookout for that. Also I just want to say thanks to all my fans for all the support. Hugs & Punches

To read a recent article done on Jennifer click the following link:

"Hottest Rising Star"


          After having an impressive 2008 campaign, Jennifer “The Razor” Barber, has been awarded the “Hottest Rising Star” award presented by for the second year in a row: ( “The Razor” compiled a record of 4-1(2 KO’s) in 2008, running her record total to 8-1 (4 KO’s). During 2008 Barber captured the NABF Featherweight Title in a lopsided victory win versus Brooke Dierdorff. “I am very proud of my performance in 2008. I was happy with the number of fights, as well as having the opportunity to have my first title fights.” After capturing her first title, Barber then fought for her first world title fight. She fought for the vacant WBC Super Featherweight Interim Championship to close her 2008 year. Barber would narrowly lose the fight in a highly disputed and controversially split decision to the hometown fighter Myriam Chomaz. Barber who is ranked #5 WBC, #2 IFBA, #5 WBA, AND #4 WIBA by the various sanctioning bodies has plans to capture a world title in 2009. “My goal this year is to capture a world title and successfully defend it. I also would like to fight on TV and locally in Los Angeles so my fans can have the opportunity to see me fight.” Barber looks to get into action in the upcoming months, so stay tuned to for details.

Barber's Bid For A World Title Ends In Controversy

          In her first bid for a world title, Jennifer “The Razor” Barber fell short of accomplishing her dream of becoming world champion on Thursday November 20. The fight took place in Saint Quentin, Asine, France, where the previously undefeated Barber lost by the slimmest of margins to local fighter 9-1 (7 KO’s) Myriam Chomaz. According to the scorecards, which read 98-93 (Barber), 94-96 (Chomaz) and 95-96 (Chomaz), the winner of the fight was decided by the last round. “I don’t understand that, I clearly won the last round. Late in the fight I could see in her eyes that she had nothing left so I tried to finish strong and dominate the championship rounds,” explained Barber.

          Many ringside fans and reporters declared Barber the winning of the WBC Super Featherweight Interim title fight. Including one ring side commentator from Canal+ sports, “She (Barber) clearly won the fight. She’s a terrific fighter. We actually announced her as winning on our telecast… It doesn’t matter what they announced, Jennifer is the world champion in my eyes.” Barber, who falls to 8-1 (4 KO’s), dominated the fight by quickly establishing her razor sharp jab. From the start it looked like Barber had a clear advantage in boxing skills, as Barber repeatedly used her superior hand speed to beat Chomaz to the punch blooding her nose early. By the middle of the fight it seemed that all Chomaz’s game plan was to try to push forward and land a big right hand.

          “We knew going into the fight that she was a right hand puncher who liked to come forward. So the game plan was to take advantage of that which Jenny did,” stated Coach Stan Ward, “I thought Jenny fought a perfect fight. She did everything I asked. It was apparent by the decision that the only way for her to win the fight was to knockout the other girl out.” Chomaz had her moments in the fight landing a few big rights but, it seemed Barber always had an answer with flashy combinations of her own. “I don't understand that, I clearly won the fight as well as the last round. She wasn’t very strong as her record made it seem. I felt like I landed the heavier shots throughout the fight,” admitted Barber. The fight was broadcasted locally in France by Canal+ Sport.

Another Road Trip Lands Barber In France

          After recently capturing the NABF Featherweight Championship in Denver, CO, Jennifer “The Razor” Barber packs her bags once again. The NABF Champ will travel to Paris, France to battle Myriam Chomaz on November 20th for the WBC Super Featherweight Interim Title. Barber 8-0 (4 KO’s), hails from Northridge, CA, but has only fought three of her eight fights in Southern California. “It’s hard to travel to other people’s back yard and fight them. It takes a lot out of you mentally, because you never know how the judges will score it.” So far in her career it hasn’t matter where she has traveled. The judges have always scored all her fights in her favor. In the 29 rounds she has boxed thus far, only 1 judge has every scored a round for an opponent, which came in her last fight when a judge scored the fight 79-72 for Barber. Coach Stan Ward, who is a former heavyweight great in his fighting days, constantly pushes “The Razor” in training. Coach insisted, “I don’t care where and who she fights because I train her with the old school mentality to fight anybody and any where… I haven’t had a fighter male or female that has the whole package that Jenny does. I know that whoever she fights, her conditioning will allow her skill to prevail in the end.” In contrast, Chomaz who is from Grenoble, Isère, France, has fought all her fights locally in France where she has compiled an impressive record of 9-1 (7 KO’s). The winner of the bout is scheduled to face the current champ Jelena Mrdjenovich next year to unify the WBC Super Featherweight Title.

 A New Women's Boxing Star Is Born 

              Dax & Jennifer Grooms              

           After winning nine amateur belts, Jennifer “The Razor” Barber 8-0 (4 KO’s) captured her first professional title with a thrashing of Brooke “No Mercy” Dierdoff 4-4-1 (3 KO’s). With a hard fought 8 round unanimous decision Barber captured the vacant NABF Featherweight Title with the win. “It’s such a great feeling to be called “Champion” now. I have worked so hard to get to this point in my career and it feels good to see all the hard work paying off.” Barber opened the bout using her quick snappy jab to keep Dierdoff at bay to unleash her combinations. But a game Dierdoff found a way to bull doze her way in to through her patent over hand right. As the fight wore on Barber started to unleash her lethal combinations as Dierdoff was only left to throw desperation right hands and clinch. “It was hard for me to get into a rhythm tonight because of the excess holding and head butts. I mean those head butts really hurt. I was surprised the ref never took a point for that because it’s illegal,” stated the champ. Barber had Dierdoff in serious trouble numerous times including a knockdown in the 7th off a quick left hook, but Dierdoff manage to hold on for the rest of the fight literally. “I am so proud of her,” admired Coach Stan Ward, “Tonight she showed why she is a true champion, no matter what Dierdorff tried to do she had an answer for it…this is the kind of experience you can’t buy at the gym.” The fight was broadcast live on The final judges’ scorecards tallied 80-71, 80-71, and 79-72 all for Barber. This marks the first time Barber has ever lost a single round on any judges’ scorecards in her career. “I just want to say thanks for all my fans that traveled to Denver to watch me fight. It’s been great to have this kind of support every time I fight. I won this one for them,” admitted Barber.

"Around The Clock"

          After six hard years of training as a boxer, Jennifer “The Razor” Barber is starting to weep the rewards of being a successful prize fighter. She recently inked a deal with SandMich Productions to produce a documentary entitled, “Around The Clock”. The documentary will embark on Jennifer’s journey as a professional boxer as she makes her way up the ranks in her quest of becoming a world champion. The documentary will give viewers a look inside the life of Jennifer “The Razor” Barber as she trains and prepares for her grueling fights. “My goal is to become world champion and be the face of woman’s boxing. I feel like this documentary allows me to take a step forward towards achieving my goals,” stated Barber. The documentary will be broken up into numerous episodes to allow viewers to continuously follow Barber and the journey of her career. Creator and Producer Terrell Byrd announced, “This is ground breaking… to have one of the premiere fighter’s in the world to allow us to have this kind of inside access is amazing. We want to thank Jennifer and her team for reaching this agreement. We feel by giving fans this kind of insight, it will allow for woman’s boxing to grow and receive the notoriety it deserves.” Barber is currently ranked in the top ten in the world in the various sanctioning bodies, including #6 by The timing of the agreement couldn’t come better, since Barber battles for the NABF featherweight title on September 20 in Commerce City, CO. To catch a glimpse of Round 1 of “Around The Clock” click the following link:

Barber's Commitment To Her Coach

Jennifer Barber (L) & Coach Stan Ward (R)

          After winning an impressive nine belts in the amateur ranks, Jennifer “The Razor” Barber fights for her first professional belt on September 20 in Commerce City, Co. Barber of Northridge, CA is 7-0(4 KO’s) takes on Brooke “No Mercy” Dierdorff 4-3-1(3 KO’s) of Elgin, Il for the vacant NABF featherweight title. “I am excited to have the opportunity to fight for the NABF title… it just makes me want to train harder. It feels good to see that all the hard work and sacrifice is starting to pay off,” stated Barber. Jennifer entered the pro ranks with a sour taste in her mouth losing her last amateur bout in the 2006 U.S. National Tournament in Colorado Springs, Co. “Jenny was upset with the judges decision at that tournament and vowed to me that when she turns pro she won’t leave the fight in the judges hand anymore,” admitted coach Stan Ward. After winning her first two professional fights by unanimous decision (40-36), Barber took a leave of absence from her career working with adolescents a year ago, so she can spend more time training to live up to the commitment she made to her coach. “After my first two pro fights I just didn’t feel like I wasn't performing to my best and living up to my promise, so I decided to sacrifice financially to follow my dream and the commitment I made to my coach. I don’t want any of my fights to be in the judges hands because I don't ever want to lose again.” Since taking a leave of absence Barber has knocked out four of her five next opponents, living up to the promise she made to her coach. For more information on her next fight, which will be for the NABF featherweight title, please visit:,, or Also you can purchase tickets by calling (866)464-2626. Tickets are priced at $50, $35, and $25. The Mile High Pro-Am Boxing Showdown is brought to you by Moonlight Productions.

“The Razor” Is Headed To Las Vegas 


  Layla McCarter (L) & Jennifer Barber (R)   

          Undefeated female boxing sensation Jennifer “The Razor” Barber 7-0 (4 KO’s) heads to the Orleans Casino in Las Vegas, NV on Friday August 15 where she will be in attendance to enjoy a night of boxing. No Barber won’t be there competing, rather she is there to meet and greet fans during an autograph session. An excited Barber stated, “I love Las Vegas and I love my fans. I can’t wait until I fight in Vegas. It should be a wonderful weekend… I also want to see Layla McCarter fight.” McCarter is 30-13-5 (7 KO’s) and the reigning WBA Lightweight Champion of the world. She will be taking on challenger Loli Munoz 8-4-1 (5 KO’s) as the main event of promoter Frank Luca’s fight card, presented by Crown Boxing. Barber is currently training as she prepares for her NABF Featherweight Title bout later next month in Commerce, CO. “This is far from a vacation for me. My coach has already made arrangements for me to continue my regular workouts while were in Las Vegas.” Barber will have photos and t-shirts for those fans that don’t have their official Jennifer “The Razor” Barber gear.

One on One Interview with "The Razor"

          Jennifer “The Razor” Barber talks one on one with Terry Washington of www.rightcrossentertainment.comabout how she got started in boxing, why she waited to get her B.A degree before turning pro and her last fight in Colorado. Listen here:

Barber Gives Delgado A Trimming

Photos & Story By: Chris Cozzone

           Jennifer “Razor” Barber, of Northridge, Calif., not only put former IFBA titleholder, Adriana Delgado’s comeback on ice, but she sliced and diced the former champion so badly, Delgado’s corner had no choice but to throw in the towel early in round three. It wasn’t so much a case of ring rust, for Delgado, ending a five-year absence, had been looking sharp at the Hideout Gym in Albuquerque, under the tight scrutiny of the Romeros. It was more about Barber’s ability to wield her double-edged mitts and live up to her nickname, “Razor.”

          Delgado was forced on the defensive from the opening bell. Barber’s straight-on aggression, backed by a steady cuffing of jabs and super-sharp right hands, had the former champ seeking refuge all over the ring, to no avail. After regrouping in her corner between rounds, Delgado came out trying to turn the fight around, but Barber turned the one-sided affair from a trimming, to a scalping. The very few counters thrown by Delgado had no effect on Barber, who, not even blinking at Delgado’s close shave counters, was relentless with pressure, and unremitting with her rights and lefts. Delgado came out in the third, her face a bruised and bloody mess, and the punishment continued until, closing in on the first minute, the towel was thrown into the ring.

          Actually, it wasn’t a towel at all, but an Adriana Delgado T-shirt, and it came not from her corner, but from a very concerned relative, several rows back, who was screaming, “Stop the fight! Stop the fight!” Time was called by Referee Rocky Stapleton, who consulted with Delgado’s chief cornerman, Danny Romero, who spared his fighter further punishment by calling it quits. This time, it was for real. Official time was 1:02, of round three. “I thought I’d win, but not like that,” said Barber, now 7-0, with four kayos. “Seeing that she’s a former world champ, I didn’t think I’d dominate that easily. “But it’s exactly what I needed. I want three more fights, then a shot at a world title.” Her future a question mark, Delgado falls to 10-3-1, 4 KOs, in her return to the ring. More photos available in photo gallery under the Ring of Fire fight card. 

Weigh-Ins From Sky Ute Casino

          Today in Ignacio, CO weigh-ins were held for the much anticipated fight between the #6 rated featherweight in the world by Jennifer “The Razor” Barber 6-0 (3KO’s), and the former IFBA bantamweight champion of the world Adriana Delgado 10-2-1 (4 KO’s). Barber weighed in at 119.2 lbs while Delgado topped the scales 119.6 lbs. Both fighters came in under the contracted catch weight of 121 lbs. The fight takes place on Saturday May 31 at the Sky Ute Casino as a part of their Ring of Fire card.


Can "The Razor" Stay Sharp?

          After having two dominating performances in front of her southern California fight fans in her two previous fights, Jennifer “The Razor” Barber takes her show on the road again when she takes on Adrianna Delgado of Albuquerque, New Mexico. The fight will take place on Saturday May 31st at the Sky Ute Casino and Lodge in Ignacio, Colorado. Barber who is 6-0 (3 KO’s) is rated the #6 featherweight in the world by woman’s boxing website and the #8 featherweight in the world by the IFBA. Barber won numerous amateur titles in addition to being a top ranked amateur; she now looks to improve on her professional rankings. “My goal is to be contending for a title by the end of this year or early next year,” exclaimed Barber, “…my extensive amateur background has made an easy transition for me as a pro. I always felt that I had a more effective style for the pro’s than the amateurs.” Her next fight should be a good test, since her opponent Adrianna Delgado has a solid record of 10-2-1 (4 KO’s) and is the former world IFBA bantamweight titleholder. The fight is scheduled for five rounds at a catch weight of 121 pounds. The first fight begins at 7:00 pm and tickets are priced at: $40, $30, and $25. For more information on tickets and location, visit or call (970)563-3000.

Barber Cruises To Another Victory

          In her second consecutive fight in Southern California, Jennifer “The Razor” Barber, 6-0 (3 KO’s) easily controlled Elizabeth Villarreal 5-6-1 (0 KO’s) during a 4 round featherweight bout. The fight took place Thursday April 24, 2008 as a part of the Battle in the Ballroom fight card at the Irvine Marriott. The native of Northridge, CA won the 4 round fight by unanimous decision, which all three judges scored 40-36. Barber put on a dazzling performance in front of a sold out crowd of 1400 plus, she started off fast using her jab and flashy combinations to inflict damage and hurt Villarreal early in the fight. “I wasn’t really satisfied with my performance,” admitted Barber. “I wanted the knockout, but I am happy with the win.” Barber had Villarreal hurt numerous times during the fight to the delight of her fans, where she almost finished off the fight early, but the clever and crafty veteran used very effective timed clinches and head butts to escape trouble. “She was awkward,” added Barber, “she kept ducking and hitting me with head butts. I thought I was cut from one of the head butts.” Barber improves her professional record to a perfect 6-0 and is moving her way up the rankings to contend for a world title.

Can "The Razor" Keep Her Streak Alive?

          Two-time national amateur champion Jennifer “The Razor” Barber of Northridge, Ca looks to improve on her undefeated record of 5-0 (3 KO’s). Barber, whose last 3 fights ended in a knockout, looks to keep that impressive streak alive when she takes on Elizabeth Villarreal of San Antonio, Tx. Villarreal is formidable opponent whose has taken on the likes of Kelsey Jefferies and Maureen Shea, has a record of 5-5-2 (0 KO’s). This four round female featherweight clash will take place at the Marriott Hotel in Irvine, Ca on Thursday April 24th. “I am thrilled to be able to be fighting in Southern California again,” stated Barber. Three of her previous fights have been out of town and this will be the first time in her career where she has fought back to back fights in Southern California. “It’s an honor to be home and be able to fight in front of all my fans,” added Barber. The fight is a part of the Battle In The Ballroom series, which is promoted by Roy Englebrecht Promotions. Doors open at 7:00 pm while the fights start at 7:30pm. The event is already sold out, but a few tickets remain at $37 or $30! E-mail to purchase tickets. Please click on "schedule" on the left for the address to the fight! 

World Boxing Hall of Fame Salutes Women In Boxing

                                            Jennifer Barber (L) and Lucia Rijker (R)

          “It’s a shame,” exclaimed Lucia Riker, “It is a shame that this is the first event like this.” These comments came during an acceptance speech given at the World Boxing Hall of Fame 1st Annual Salute to Women in Boxing seen in front of a sold out crowd of 350 people. This inaugural event was groundbreaking because no major boxing organization has had an awards banquet solely for honoring women in boxing. This major step has allowed women’s boxing to start receiving more notoriety as their male counterparts. The brilliance behind the event was to acknowledge the growth of women’s boxing and also the influence that women have had in the sport of boxing. 

          The event took place Sunday March 30, 2008 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in the City of Commerce. Top honors of the night went to Lucia Rijker (Special Achievement Award), Bridgett Riley (Lilly Rodriguez Award), Lorraine Chargin (Female Promoter of the Year), Debbie Caplan (Woman of the Year Award), and Jackie Kallen (Aileen Eaton Award). In addition, current world champions Carina Moreno (WBC Minimum weight), Layla McCarter (WBA Lightweight), and Elena Reid (IFBA Flyweight) received World Champion Recognition Awards. The final honorees receiving Special Recognition Awards, given to Gwen Adair (Referee & Judge), Josie Arrey-Mejia (Program Director/Consultant for Bell Gardens Youth Boxing Club), Jill Diamond (NABF), and Judy Kulis (IFBA). With all these female stars in attendance, it was only fitting to have high profile and pound for pound boxing greats Israel Vasquez and Shane Mosely in attendance, who assisted in passing out the hardware to these extraordinary ladies.

In the final message of the night, which was echoed through numerous recipients' speeches, the ladies urged for all participants to make a commitment to do all they can to bring awareness and outcry to the International Olympic Committee to adopt women’s boxing as a Olympic event in time for the 2012 Summer Olympics.

Barber TKO's Hernandez in 3!!!

     Two-time national amateur champion Jennifer “The Razor” Barber improved her record to 5-0 (3 KO’s) with a dominating 3 round TKO of Arizona’s Handi Hernandez 5-3 (3 KO’s). The fight took place on Thursday night as part of the under card of the Best Damn Championship Fight Night Period. Barber started the fight with an impressive first round working off her jab and throwing combinations which battered Hernandez and caused her nose to start bleeding. “Once I busted her nose I knew I had her I just needed to keep my right up and take my time and put my punches together,” admitted Barber. In the second round Barber jumped on Hernandez early with a series of left hooks. She had her pinned in the corner and started to punch in combinations. It looked like the referee was going to put a halt to the fight but Hernandez battled back. The third round began like the second round ended with Barber jumping on Hernandez quickly. She rocked her with a big left hook that had her stumble back in the corner where she just began to unleash a barrage of punches on Hernandez. Hernandez couldn’t do much but absorb the punches and the referee jumped in and stopped the fight 50 seconds into round 3. After the fight Barber stated, “Because of my extensive amateur background I think I need 3 more fights and I will be ready for a championship fight.” Barber has a streak going of three consecutive knockouts in her last three fights.

Jennifer "The Razor" Barber  is Back In Action!!!

     Two-time national amateur champion Jennifer “The Razor” Barber looks to start off the 2008 year with a bang. After an impressive 2007, the featherweight from Northridge, CA compiled a record of 4-0 (2KO). The skillful Barber is ready to return to action when she faces Handi Hernandez of Tempe, AZ who is 5-2 (0KO). The fight will take place at Pechanga Resort and Casino in Temecula, CA and is promoted by Promoted by Roy Englebrect Events, Hollybrook Regency Inc. and Pechahnga Resort & Casino. The all woman’s card will air nationally February 8 at 11:00pm ET/PT as part of FSN’s Best Damn Championship Fight Night Period broadcast. Ticket prices start at $40 and doors will open at 5:30pm while the fights start at 6:30pm. In the main event current champ Holly Holm takes on Belinda Laracuenta for the IFBA Welterweight Championship of the World. For more information regarding the fights visit,, or